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Biometric and Time Attendance System

Key Business Solutions, Qatar is here assisting all your transparency, accountability, flexibility and a mobile workforce needs of an organization through an efficient biometric and time attendance software system. This system is well designed to meet all your security requirements within all ease. Not only for the employee attendance tracking but you can easily bound[...]
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Arm Gate Barrier System

Key Business Solutions, Qatar aims thereby to improve the quality as well as security of your life by simplifying day-to-day concerns. We come up with all functional products within an exciting design that allow people to enter as well leave their home with complete freedom and thus enjoy their living spaces to the fullest. We[...]
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Flap Barrier & Turnstile

Flap based barriers and turnstile gates are quite popular security metrics used. Glass panels with all electronic optical glass drives serves out to be outstanding pedestrian barriers that are popularly used within metro stations, airport entrances etc. for security purposes and authorized entries within. These barriers are to be available in different sizes as per[...]
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Door Access Control

Household as well organizational security concerns and monitoring led birth to a modern and automated door access control system out there. Often people being so concerned about security require a solution that provide real time tracking for their security purposes. The major objective of engaging Door Access Control system within is securing all your physical[...]
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CCTV Camera Solutions

Busy lifestyles led us overlook many aspects of security within our lives. Often people indulged in all criminal activities make use of such negligence of security and burst out inoffensive planned incidents to harm you, your wealth or your family. Being all the time available for your family is not possible for anyone either working[...]
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Business Security Service – Does Your Business Need A Security Service?

Businesses, big and small, are realizing the requirement to include Business Security Service agencies or companies to offer them specialized services, including digital security services. It’s imperative to have indeed a pro-active approach towards this important aspect rather than having a reactive approach. Instead of getting into a fire-fighting mode following the happening of an[...]
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